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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution
It is not uncommon that disputes arise in the business world. For many, the time and expense of going to trial can be daunting, but that does not mean that a client should settle for less than they deserve. Not all cases are tried before a court of law. Many cases are settled before trial which can save the parties substantial time and expense. The attorneys at Hillary Johns, Trial Lawyer provide representation to clients in all areas of dispute resolution. These are just some examples of dispute resolution.

Settlement negotiations through counsel. Most cases settle through negotiations between the parties. With the assistance of effective counsel, clients can obtain their desired settlement without having to go to court or enduring prolonged litigation.

Mediation. In these instances, a third-party mediator, usually a lawyer or retired judge, will meet with the parties and their attorneys to resolve the matter before it proceeds to litigation or trial. Mediation is confidential and can be a very effective way to resolve disputes before a client spends a lot of time and money.

Arbitration. Arbitration is usually the result of a contractual agreement or an agreement between the parties. In these instances, the parties privately retain a judge or a panel of judges or trained lawyers to preside over their matter. The arbitrator has the authority to make rulings and conducts an arbitration (similar to a trial) in the privacy of their offices. This is often a more efficient and faster means of having a matter adjudicated. In such instances, a dispute can be handled in a matter of months rather than a matter of years.

Zoom, videoconferencing, and other social distancing and safety accommodations are available.