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Estate Planning and Litigation

The right estate plan can make all the difference to your future and security as well as those for your loved ones and heirs. Ms. Johns and her attorneys have decades of experience with estate planning and litigation. The attorneys at Hillary Johns, Trial Lawyer are adept at advising their clients as to their options to suit their unique needs depending upon each client’s life situation. They provide legal services in the areas of

  • Wills and trusts
  • Durable power of attorneys and living wills
  • Estate planning
  • Conservatorships
  • Probate and trust administration

The attorneys at Hillary Johns, Trial Lawyer have in depth knowledge of estate administration and litigation. We represent clients as to wills and estate proceedings, accounting proceedings, and other estate disputes. These are some of the matters in which we represent clients.

  • Probate litigation including the validity of wills, incapacity, undue influence, defective will executions, and other defects.
  • Will proceedings on behalf of fiduciaries of beneficiaries to clarify ambiguities in a will.
  • Fiduciary litigation.
  • Accounting proceedings as to claims or the defense of the management of an estate or trust.
  • Spousal rights and kinship proceedings.
  • Claims proceedings to dispute or establish claims by third parties to the assets of an estate.

Clients are sometimes interested in mediating a matter rather than settling a dispute through the courts. While there are no guarantees, mediation is often a preferable option to litigation since it can have the added benefit of preserving relationships, protecting confidentiality, an efficient way to resolve a problem, and achieving a mutually agreeable outcome rather than a court-imposed ruling. Mediation may also be beneficial in that it can save time and money. Our attorneys represent clients through mediation and give real life advice taking into consideration the dynamics of each client’s situation. Our lawyers have decades of experience in handling complex estate matters with successful results in mediation.